first stop: Belford

Packing and leaving the house took so long that the first night I only got as far as Belford, about 18 miles north, to stay with my friend Sarah. At least it’s going in the right direction.

And today was so lovely I decided to stay in Northumberland and we had a day out at Ross Sands. It was gorgeous, peaceful, sunny and a delightful way to start. The forecast for the west coast of Scotland is heavy rain all day  tomorrow, not much better for the weekend, so the tent may not get an outing just yet.ross sandsThe first piece of string has been made, from the long grass in Sarah’s garden

first grass

4 thoughts on “first stop: Belford

  1. Good start Anna ,nice green string , lovely beach with your head in the clouds.
    Was pleased to plant some knapweed in Charlcombe church garden today and found two Bee Orchids in the new meadow .
    Have a good journey north . X


  2. Well done Anna – you are on your way, and what a beautiful piece of string! You were remembered yesterday. Romi and Trish came for their belated scones and Romi and I both commented on how you have given us itchy feet. lovely pic of you on the beach!


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