are you here for the fishing?

I am staying in a (luxury) hostel on the shore of Loch Awe, near Kilmartin. It’s designed for people who are mad keen on fishing, hence the question that everyone has asked me so far. The final part of the journey was along a single track road along the side of the loch. The flowers in the verges are spectacular, and it was no hardship to drive carefully: deep pink dog roses scrambling over the hedges, glorious yellow iris at its best, the same yellow as the monkey flower, the occasional pyramidal orchid, late red campion and early meadowsweet. Colours vibrant and stunning. And the trees on either side felt like fairy woodland – rowan, birch, ash, oak, willow… above a carpet of moss and bracken, all so very green.

And that’s just what I could spot from the car while watching the road for oncoming traffic to give way to – can’t wait to see what’s there when I start walking.

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