Three million midges. There were at least 3 million midges at the campsite, along with a lot of angry people: not a great first night on Skye.  Parents  shouting at their children, kids shouting at each other, everyone shouting at the dogs… who were probably the only ones having a good time. Them and the people shrouded behind midgy nets – they were probably grinning from ear to ear at their good sense in having such an item, but it’s impossible to see through the nets which turn everyone into very scary Darth Vadar lookalikes. Perhaps its the midges that made everyone so very grumpy…

The rain lifted just as the ferry arrived at Armadale, and my spirits were high, only to be dashed by the night that followed. However, the next day the sun came out again, AND the day after, and I moved campsite and all the locals were happy and relieved to see the only bit of summer they have had this year. And then I found my first string related item! A 3 hooked wooden rope maker, rather worm eaten, on the wall of the dinosaur museum at Staffin. Yes, the dinosaur museum.

More soon, with photos, when I next have power


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  1. Dear Stringji, if, like me, you had been able to pass three happy years studying anthropology you would know that field work always comes at a price. Margaret Meade, out there in early C20th Borneo or wherever never commented on midges unless they were accompanied by a mass outbreak of a killer disease. And the habits of the locals, albeit temporary tenty locals would have pushed her further, to study their source of power, their various rituals and mating habits. In my humble opinion you missed a chance here and went off to the Dinosaur museum. Still I admire your focus, bugger the humans, get me to the string.
    I find myself looking at the weather report on TV and can’t help but noticing that Scotland seems to be swimming in rain and today high winds. Still, that might keep the midges down, eh? Anyway, jamais triste, Archie. Stiff upper and all that. Another day, another camp site. But we mere acolytes need photos, preferably not of angry humans being nasty to one another. If we want that we head for the local shopping mall. Lots of love.


    1. Patience Dave, patience. Photos are coming. I just need POWER to charge up the batteries to download the images to upload them here… who said this would be easy???


  2. I was waiting for news of you and the West Coast midges as I sat on the East Coast (Howick beach) last night and got bitten by at least four- thankfully total absence of people.
    Already I’m noticing every bit of string every where I go and have to stop myself shouting out ‘STRING, Anna, STRING!’ till I realise its nothing as interesting as ‘3 hooked wooden rope’ but a bit of synthetic garden twine.
    Keep dry and keep writing.




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