from Skye to Harris, and to the lighthouse!

Imagine my delight when I arrived at this  museum at the north end of Skye, traditional, stone built houses with thatched rooves. And the sense of expectation that I would find *string* was upheld!


The thatched rooves would once have been held in place by heather rope, weighed down with stones, as old photos showed, although the more practical chicken wire is in use today.


Find out more here

Here is a fine bit of roof construction – straw rope lashing timber together ( with a 21st century electic cable running underneath!)

DSCF2742But despite these treats, and the fine weather, Skye did not capture my heart, so I decided to move on to the outer isles, and spent my first night at Tarbert on Harris. My first day here was delightful – I crossed the bridge link to the isle of Scalpay and walked out to the lighthouse. The weather stayed fine despite rain being promised, and I had another walk along Glen Lacasdail beside the water.

The plants have changed again – big patches of frothy, lime green lady;s mantle, which I think must be a garden escaper. And other escapees – clumps of huge Gunnera manicata and pale green leaves of crocosmia, a great string plant. But also orchids everywhere, and a whole range of others to discover.

I’m trying to work out why it feels so different here, and better… less touristy? more space? closer to the edge? Apart from the islands of St Kilda, there is nothing now between me and America across the Atlantic.

Awesome, as they say

6 thoughts on “from Skye to Harris, and to the lighthouse!

  1. How fabulous Anna – your untuition is working well! Love those buildings, I want to move in! Off to Lindisfarne myself today – our own little island, but don’t expect it to be as quiet – what do you think!


  2. And you really did walk To The Lighthouse! I’m feeling quite light and spacious in the shadow of your wanderings. Possibly a daft question but… when making string, is it always a ‘twisting’ process or is it sometimes’ plaited’??


    1. Indeed I did! And thought about you along the way. As for your string question – a wise man once told me (it was Ken actually) ‘there are no daft questions if it’s something you want to know’ And the answer is yes, sometimes it is plaited, but I’m not sure if it is twisted before plaiting. Someone else told me that tensile strength is greater when fibres are twisted, and weaker when they are folded or bent. Any suggestions from people out there who know about these things?

      I have just looked up a definition of ‘tensile strength’ and found this:
      “The maximum stress it withstands before failing is its ultimate tensile strength. Ultimate tensile strength (UTS), often shortened to tensile strength (TS) or ultimate strength, is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking.”


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