ok photo junkies, here are some to keep you going.

Please remember! Photos need technology, technology needs power and internet access. And I am in a campervan without easy recourse to any of those…

Have a look on Google images for picture of the stones at Callanish / Calanais. Much better than anything I can show you

campervan (tractor)
campervan (tractor)
ruined house, Callanish village
ruined house, Callanish village
detail, house wall
detail, house wall
roof collapsed, but look at that lashing!! hemp rope not, straw, but impressive anywat
roof collapsed, but look at that lashing!! hemp rope not straw, but impressive anyway

2 thoughts on “Callanish

  1. Dear Stringji, I notice that pile of rocks is for sale, so someone has it in mind that it might be a lovely little doer upper as they say. How soon before it would have full broadband and internet access and a thrusting whizzo type with a beard buys it for a song? Impressive bit of hemp stringery there and not a midge in sight. Actually looks like a stretch of decent weather. When will you be in the campervan of your choice and not the tractor?
    love from sunny Norwich.


  2. There’s a For Sale sign at the ruined house, can you find out what sort of money it’s going for? Just an idea. Hope all well with the tractor – good exercise!! X


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