saved by the goddess!

A good day that just got BETTER and BETTER. An early visit to the stones, in the misty drizzle, having slept by the jetty in their shadow. Then it tipped down, but did I care? Not me, I was tucked up inside the café, rain lashing at the window, with power and wifi and delicious coffee. And there I stayed until Annie arrived with the ‘Celtic Goddess’ and we swapped vans. This one is ‘slow and steady’ which is just fine by me. A 1998 VW T4 long wheelbase for those of you interested in such matters.

Off to Great Bernera and to visit the reconstruction of an Iron Age house in a settlement beside the beach. Very briefly:

  • A fellow stringmaker
  • Sunshine!!!
  • A tide bell
  • Bog asphodel
  • Heavenly overnight spot

More details on all this later, because the SUN IS SHINING. White sandy beach, sparkling turquoise water, sunny skies. Am I in Greece? I have to pinch myself, this is the Outer Hebrides. Is there anywhere more gorgeous than Scotland in the sunshine?


5 thoughts on “saved by the goddess!

  1. So glad the heavens are smiling on you at last! Incidentally, we use an EasyAcc Powerbank PB10000C to charge phones, camera etc when off-grid in the van. Like a large battery – you charge it up for a few hours when you have power, then it can charge two items at once and will do quite a few charges. I know you’re in the wilds but it’s the sort of thing shops stocking camping equipment might well have – if not that one there are many other makes. You can get solar chargers which would be even better but the reviews I read were not good…..


    1. That sounds gorgeous, good that you are getting full treatment of Scotland at it’s best. Enjoy my dear. Request for more pictures please xxx


  2. That sounds fab Anna and soooo great you’ve got a van – the best way to see Scotland I reckon. The Burtons will be on their way up the west coast and possibly heading for the outer Hebrides – maybe you’ve left a string trail?


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