channeling Giorgio

Meanwhile, as Sarah and Dave get to grips with re-writing my trip to the outer isles in the form of a Nordic Noir tale, I continue to enjoy sunny skies over North Uist.

Two nights on the island of Berneray which is just lovely. It reminds me a lot of Tiree, especially the white sandy beaches and glorious machair. The only thing missing was the company of my Tiree camping mates, the lovely Holmes-Gentle family from Norfolk. You have been much in my thoughts

I was last here 20 years ago, before the causeway that now links the island to N Uist, which has made it the main ferry port between here and Harris. But one unusual thing about the island is there are NO RABBITS! The causeway was constructed in such a way to deter them crossing, and the locals are ever vigilant to keep it that way.

I saw the first harebells in flower on this trip, and also sea aster, which I have never seen before. For years I have been visiting Scotland in August and September, and seeing the remains of bog asphodel flowers. Last week on Skye I spotted some on the verge of flowering, and this week I saw the first ones just opening. What little beauties they are!

sea aster
bog aspgodel

For those of you who have seen Giorgio the cook and Andrew the art historian travel round Italy on TV, you may remember that Giorgio is overcome each time he sees a new piece of art, in more or less exactly the same manner. He stares in adoration at whatever Andrew is showing him, and says “ oh Andrew, it’s sooo be-yew-ti-ful”. I feel as though I am channelling dear Giorgio, every time I turn the corner to the sight of another glorious beach / sparkling turquoise sea / hills / a bank of ragged robin/ a carpet of orchids…. Oh Andrew, it’s sooo be-yew-ti-ful…


One thought on “channeling Giorgio

  1. I can see that wandering in these parts is bettered by a full knowledge of the local flora and maybe fauna. To me a bog aspgodel remains a brand new concept, a yellow solitary flower hanging onto life at the end of a long green stem, windswept and solitary. To you it is like discovering the cave paintings in Lachelles (?) the place in France. Just like Andrew and his buddy Giorgio we each bring our limited store of knowledge to the table and yet combined it becomes rather wonderful. Anyway, back to the Scottish grey (like Nordic noir except lower key), has the solitary figure in the van been receiving wierd text messages in places where signal should be limited? Messages that read something like “stop sending Norfolk Scottish weather!”


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