hebridean wave

I have been studying the Hebridean salutations that go with driving. They range from one finger lifted from the steering wheel, to the full frontal hand at shoulder height, sometimes followed by a cheery thumbs up.

here’s a picture of more work in progress

more string

The most stylish, and the one I have been cultivating, involves a full hand with index finger extended initially, completed with a sideways lilt of the hand. The occasion is on meeting / stopping / giving way to another vehicle at the many passing places on single track roads, but also sometimes just in mere acknowledgement of another driver on the road. Only the locals do that. The foreigners don’t always get it, and certainly don’t get that they should be grateful when I pull over in the tank to allow them to overtake. Local and commercial vans follow that manoeuvre with a double toot on the horn as relief for not having to trail along behind me. My top speed is 55 mph downhill with a fair wind. Average more like 30.

5 thoughts on “hebridean wave

  1. We almost have the same driving signals here in West Cork…. without the thumbs up! Must be something to do with the sea air. The difficulty is deciding how far from home you ackowledge every passing driver. Joy L


  2. As a non driver I find driver’s non verbals interesting. In the narrow side streets near me the unwritten law is the car with the most headway keeps going, the other backs into any space. Then the finger or whole hand and, at times a smile and mouthed “thank you” keeps it all on the right side of road rage. This breaks down whenever the corporation refuse guys are about. You don’t even discuss with those guys, they never back up.
    Those bundles of string look like they have been abandoned after their purpose was over. Now just waiting to biodegrade, as we all are!
    Stay dry, so you don’t get wet.


  3. Can’t keep up with the posts, but having spent 18 hours on A1 and M1 in the last four days I have to say your journey sounds decidedly more inspiring and visually appetising – not so sure about the other appetite – chick peas and cabbage – but when you’re hungry…. Would rather have been there…


  4. I like it when I stop or slow down to let someone pass, and they flash their hazard lights to say thankyou, it always feels as though they are winking at me….I always have to wink back.


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