crex crex

Whoever had the job of assinging the Latin name to the corncrake was having an inspired day. “CREX CREX” is what it’s called, and exactly what it says. Sounds almost like a croak, or a pen drawn across a comb. I have been hearing them across North Uist, here and there, but not seen any. I am unlikely to it seems, as they are very shy and hide in long vegetation.

So here is a postcard of one

DSCF2912and while I’m at it – a postcard of something else I am unlikely to see, northern lights


4 thoughts on “crex crex

  1. on a perfect night in winter the locals say you can see the northern lights from Cromer cliffs, but this being a sort of summer, perhaps they will be obscure even as far north as you are. Or maybe not, as the summer is firmly on hold. Them latins got so many things right, under floor heating being my favourite. And naming birds onomatapaically (sp?) makes great sense when you can. I’m not an expert on this, nor much else come to think of it, but I believe you will find similar animal and bird naming processes in the languages of the developing world, wherever Christianity is yet to make a deep impression. You meeting Stuart from Bristol days is interesting. Makes me wonder if the circle of people who have grown up through the ups and downs of life and still retain a firm and healthy interest in the natural world is actually quite limited and these chance encounters will happen again and again. Good blogging Stringji.


  2. There used to be a rope made by tribal peoples that was a circular knitted rope like a tube and the method was called strang. I bartered for some in Morocco once. So Maybe a strangle of stringmakers or even a strandle of stringmakers. Anyhow the thing is the thread you are weaving is turning into a most beautiful tapestry…


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