plans? what plans?!

new hat from Hebridean wool, same old head underneath
stringmaker at work

Things are all going extremely well, as you will have been able to tell by reading the updates! I am giving up the luxury of the Celtic Goddess campervan on monday, but have decided to stay on for a bit longer. I am probably going to take part in a summer school organised by the University of the Highlands and Islands, which will be based around Lochmaddy in North Uist, from 10 – 14 August. So I have a week to play with, and at the moment am considering where to put my tent until I cross the sound of Harris again…

The worst  July weather in living memory… no summer so bad since 1926 etc, I am hoping that will change and give me a week of glorious camping conditions! Watch this space, as they say…


3 thoughts on “plans? what plans?!

  1. You’ve washed up in the right place – North Uist is obviously where it’s at – Sol spent a week there in June and is writing an essay on community control and development there , Julia and another author will be joining you in August to recharge their creative batteries …What’s the summer school studying ?
    .It’s raining again here but the blue moon shone brightly last night …..
    Good to hear you sounding happy and inspired.
    I like this quote from Anthony Gormley
    ” I make things
    some small
    some bigger”. !

    Love from Sue x


    1. I like that quote too!
      I love N Uist, and also Berneray. Summer school is about art and archeology and sounds good. Working out logistics is a bit tricky… when / where is Julia coming? Do give her my mobile number, would be lovely to meet! This is turning out to be much more sociable than I imagined. Hoping to meet up with some Northumberland friends this week, if I survive the gale force winds in a tent… x


  2. I’m impressed that you are so flippant about the weather, and camping, and all that might entail.
    Just in case you are stuck in a tent and cooking up more new recipes- let me know if you have any suggestions for a glut of the cucumber-marrow-courgette spectrum down here in the Dordogne, where there has been rain (not much) and a blue moon (very bright) and a rather dodgy ride-on lawn mower as old as your Goddess.


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