string, Anna, string!

fine string binding the end of an oar, on a very fine replica berlinn ship at Kildonan museum

Have been collecting photos along the way of how people are using string now…

finely lashed gate
lashed wooden ladder inside spectacular replica Iron Age house at Bosta (smokey due to sweet smelling peat fire)
stringmaker’s dream…

if any of you out there come across similar, and feel so inclined, please take a photo and send it to me


2 thoughts on “string, Anna, string!

  1. When we went to the Rope Museum last week [Don’t worry, 100s of photos on their way…] a rope-maker there made a disparaging remark about string; he actually used the phrase “the S-word”….?! Mind you he did have a mad staring eyes and a straggly beard.
    Left me wondering when string becomes rope…?


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