prize winners

Iwent to the North Uist show, a very important local occasion. The weather was dry, if a bit chilly. Lots of tractors on display, and plenty of interest in the prize-winning animals. The displays of home baking and handcrafts were very carefully scrutinized by everyone. how do you judge  a prize-winning egg, I wonder?





first prize… and only entry
you CAN grow veg here!



6 thoughts on “prize winners

  1. I always find it rather endearing that these shows are still part of the social fabric of rural life all round Britain- I’ve been to a few!! its encouraging to see people growing and baking and showing off- one of my favourite sorts of creativity – edible!


  2. where’s the deep fried mars bar competition display? I liked the optimistic tomatoes, but the cake stand wouldn’t do much down here in Mary Berry land. Always good to see people enjoying this kind of thing. What was the lad with the gobstopper in his gob saying to the goat?


  3. Oh I just love the grapefruit/carrot/raisin/lemon chicken…. Obviously not a lot of tropical fruits to be had on the island as those ones had certainly seen better days! Brave attempt and very funny! Cakes looked very good.


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