callanish, again

The rain had set in for the afternoon, so I decided to park up with one of the best views in the whole world, and spend my last campervan day in front of the stones. Drinking tea, making string, reading my book, bliss. And then look who should pop up amongst the stones??? So lovely to see the Burtons, and we had a good catch up swapping travellers’ tales


view from the campervan cafe
my very own peatbog faeries


3 thoughts on “callanish, again

  1. Ahhhh…. I was wondering whether you and the Burtons would meet up! Small world…. How lovely for you all, what a hoot! Hope there were 6 teacakes on that plate xxxx


  2. I’m very glad to see the Tunnocks Teacakes are with you on your travels. Hope the rest of your adventures are as blissful and chocolate/biscuit filled. xxx


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