beachcombing with chickens

The day started calm and sunny, and I was parked up by the beautiful Bosta beach. Driving a rented campervan has made me an honorary member of the VW club, and a fellow van driver who had stayed beside me at this spot came over for a bit of van chat. He was envious of my long wheel base, I of his pop up roof. I was even more impressed that his van is his only home, and he was travelling with a couple of friends on holiday before going back to Milton Keynes, where he lives mainly in the car park besides where he works.

The day called for a walk, and I set off over the hill towards Tobson. A glorious walk over rough and stoney moorland with upland freshwater lochs and magnificent flora. Saw the first scabious of the season, and a new beauty, marsh cinquefoil.

devil’s bit scabious

Over the top and down the other side to a small bay. Some chickens and a fine cockerel came to share my snack (not much to offer, an apple core and a few dates). I set off to explore the beach, and they came with me. I found feathers, and tried out string making with seaweed and the runners from silverweed. Don’t know what they found, but it kept them busy.



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