time present, time past

I had heard about a tradition among Aborigines in Australia where they would make a message, or memory, bag when travelling to visit someone, and needed to take a message. The bag was made of plant string, and would contain a few items as reminders of the content of the message.

I made my own ‘memory bag’ at the summer school. The structure is made of materials gathered from the sites we visited during the week, mainly plants,but also found items. They each have their own story. It’s a memory of that week, for me, but  contains memories for the future. One day the lid of a tin can might be an exciting archaeological find?

message bag
with contents

Plants include bracken stems, marram grass roots, root tangles found on the beach, as well as string made from montbretia, yellow iris and rush. I could go on, and on…. but enough for now


5 thoughts on “time present, time past

  1. Just to say how much I have been enjoying your postings Anna, feel like I took a little journey with you to those quietly beautiful places… Isn’t it wonderful what you can create when you make the space for it.


  2. I am loving your journey Anna, the memory bag is a fablicious way to record things, native americans did sommat similar. X


    1. I’m not sure – looked like the top of a coke can or something similar… certainly not as exciting as the bone pin someone found at the same time, from the Iron Age midden we were scraping away at. Or not exciting now, anyway


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