autumn is here

A roundabout. Traffic lights. A railway station. Roads wide enough for two cars to pass without one of them pulling over; trees tall enough to walk underneath: I must be on the mainland!

Indeed I am, having arrived back home in Northumberland. I decided the time was right, and the visit to Orkney will be for another time. Re-entry to ‘normal life’ will be a gradual process.

There are abundant rowan berries everywhere; the first sign of autumn as my mum used to say.


But this is not quite the end of the blog – there are still more string stories to share that I didn’t have time for while on the road, so watch this space…


2 thoughts on “autumn is here

  1. It must be a real shock to the system.. Glad you’re not stopping now. I always want to know what happens when people who have been on great adventures get back home. Just off to France but will send the Cameroonian string on return.


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