down to the woods today

Stringmaking continues, back on home ground. There are freshly cut lime tree logs nearby, just waiting to be used, so today’s task has been to strip the bark off to reveal the inner layer of ‘bast’ fibres. These fibres have been used for making string since pre-history,  valued for their strength and flexibility.

DSCF3250Mid September sunshine filtered through the trees, with soundscape from a pair of buzzards overhead. The strips of bark now need to be ‘retted’ (soaked in water) for anything from 2 – 8 weeks, to wash away the softer material and leave the stronger fibres. So my bundles are now submerged in the nearest stream. Water is low; I am expecting autumn rain to raise the water level. If not some dam construction may be required…



One thought on “down to the woods today

  1. Nice work Anna master stringmaker ! nice to see those woods in sunshine that we saw in the gloaming Sunday eve , keep up the good work as my dad always says xx


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