“…and what are you going to DO with all that string?”

The string tour is well and truly over. I am back to ‘normal life’ and enjoying the late sunshine that has reached Northumberland in the nick of time before the winter sets in. I had a wonderful final fling the week before returning to work, visiting friends and family in Sheffield and London. The complete opposite of what I had been doing all summer long, but equally delicious. (And included a trip on the overnight sleeper from London to Edinburgh).

I feel there is still a part of me out there, wandering along some beach in the islands. I am delighted to be going back to Applecross in a couple of weeks, to deliver – what else? – a string making workshop! If anyone fancies joining me there on Saturday 24 October you would be very welcome! I am hoping to do something similar in North Uist next year, so maybe the string adventure is not entirely over, just entering the next phase… In the meantime, there are all sorts of ideas bubbling away about how to record and document what’s happened. I’m looking forward to creating something, the shape of which is yet to emerge. And checking on the lime tree bark retting in the stream. It’s looking good at the moment, about three weeks in, almost ready to separate the bast fibres from the outer bark and prepare them for string making.

People have been asking about what am I intending to make with the string I have brought back. Here’s one possibility. There will be more.



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