west dean summer school

Not long back from a summer school at West Dean in Sussex, with the inspirational Tim Johnson, artist and basket maker.You can read more about Tim and see his work on his website  http://www.timjohnsonartist.com/

The course was called ‘fibre art and basketry’ and was an opportunity to learn new techniques for making and using string. So I have now mastered the Danish ‘palm rolling’ technique, alongside Scottish twisting and a leg rolling method used in Papua New Guinea, amongst other places…

The sun shone, the gardens were in full flower, and it was a great week spent exploring new materials and techniques with a group of people all similarly entranced by making string!

2016-07-27 15.43.37
basket from combed rush using looping method
west dean house
West Dean college




One thought on “west dean summer school

  1. Realise it is ages since I wrote. Love your post and thought of you so very often especially in New Zealand (just back in Aus) as there was flax growing everywhere, a very coarse variety. Anyhow the Maori made the most beautiful every things out of it and I saw wonderful stuff in the museums. I wondered why no clothing but discovered it was too coarse. But I thought if the coarse would grow them surely the finer flax but they are totally averse to bringing in ‘foreign’ plants so…. Anyhow, i’ve been so so happy in this hemisphere – perhaps I am that kind of upside down person. The people are wonderful, loving, relaxed and generous of spirit – what a breath of fresh air. Won’t want to leave. Work has gone well and I have made many new friends.

    Looks like your summer has been equally refreshing so I look forward to a walking catch up with scones! Much love, Sue

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