many new adventures…

… waiting to be told!

Serious work, string making. Photo credit: Tim Johnson

Here’s a taste of the weekend at Kindrogan with the Scottish Basketmakers’  Circle. October is a beautiful time to be in Scotland, and the trees (and red squirrels)  were in full glorious colour. Days were chilly but dry, so we were able to spend a lot of time working outdoors. I had the chance to work with Tim Johnson once again, a great opportunity to consolidate some of the things I had learnt in the summer, as well as to experiment with new skills. Here he is demonstrating how to prepare soft rush (Juncus effusus). This is a quite magical transformation, changing a stiff, pithy rush into something that resembles hair: the flowing tresses of a mermaid perhaps. What is even more exciting is that there are absolutely armfuls of this plant waiting to be gathered from the moors just across the road from home.

1st step: beating the freshly gathered rushes
Combing to remove pith
Soft bundles ready for use – for string making, using in basket-ty constructions. Or for a mermaid’s headress

You can read Tim’s own account of the weekend here:


5 thoughts on “many new adventures…

  1. When I opened this I wasn’t wearing my glasses and it came in the middle of a load of emails. I could vaguely see this figure hunched over doing something, and I thought it was a Xmas email asking me to support someone or organisation. Something like “Give Anna £10 and she will be able to make a basket that will last a millennium”. Good job I put my specs on before I deleted.


  2. Lovely to see you’re still at the string making, plenty of soft rush in our field here for you to work with.
    Come and visit Applecross again next summer and see us.


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