baskets on display

The Jubilee Hall in Rothbury is hosting the exhibition this weekend.

I have several baskets, as well as string samples on display, and one for sale

2017-05-26 17.25.53
haircap moss, split bramble cane, hemp string

2017-05-28 22.22.06

2017-05-28 22.20.092017-05-28 22.20.162017-05-28 10.14.23


4 thoughts on “baskets on display

    1. What a good idea Sarah! would love to come back to Applecross, so let’s get our basket making hats on and see about a plan… Probably not this summer as it’s very full already! Hope all is well with you, Anna


      1. Sorry, Anna, I only just saw your response. As soon as you’re able, please come back to Applecross and we can make string and baskets! I look forward to it. All the best, Sarah


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